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Dude...she's drumming for Prince

Hannah Ford was her name when I started working on her gig posters and other band goodies, like biz cards, logos and autograph cards. She was playing local gigs like Doug's Rockhouse in Aurora or Penny Road Pub in Barrington. She was a kid with an amazing talent. One which would take her through many phases of drumming. Whether it was a gig with Nik West, Bellevue Suite, her Peace, Love and Drum Clinics, I knew this girl was due for some serious stardom.

She is now all grown up, and she goes by Hannah "Ford" Welton. And, Dude, she drums for Prince. That's right, Prince. Seriously does it get ANY cooler than that? Nope. I am extremely proud to say that I have had my hand in some of the media that got her to where she is today. You never know where life is going to take never forget the little guy, cause someday, dude, they could be drumming for Prince!!!

See what Hannah is up to now....


A Hannah timeline ...if you will....

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