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We don't just make these things...

we use them!

At Maxheads, we're not just a business idea - we use our products. Most of our staff are
drummers or musicians and they know what it takes to get your name out there!

We are a full-service custom bass drum shop that has been helping bands promote for over 13 years. We are fully staffed with graphic designers who can create super cool logos and graphics on durable, high quality drum heads.


Helping you get the word out and look totally PRO is our thing!  Let everyone know who you are. Your band’s logo on the front of a kick drum, screaming who you are, all night long - what better way to get your name out there?!


We make it easy. We Print ANYTHING on ANY SIZE drum head...ANYTHING!

Take a look at the gallery these are just some of the heads we've created!


   "The whole idea started  when I was watching this great band play, had no idea who they were (they didn't have a custom drum head) and the next day when I was trying to think of their name. I had no idea what is was! A few weeks later my band had this great gig in the city. We had the place rolling all night long! The singer mentioned our name plenty of times. But after our set was over, we must have had ten people say, 'Hey you guys sound amazing...WHAT'S YOUR BAND'S NAME?!' So I thought, 'I wonder if The Who ever had this problem?' BAM! Just like that, I thought about Keith Moon's custom drum heads. Being a printer by trade, I put my first custom bass drum together and I've never had that problem again!"

- Dave (creator/owner of Maxheads)




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